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As you'll see below, the Arlington Athletic & Social League has 5 sports seasons per year. The AASL has different co-ed sports in each season. Below you will find an outline of when different sports and registrations take place. Note, this schedule can and will always be changed or modified. Also, be sure to look at the calendar and Bar Games & Events links for a schedule and information about AASL's fun events.

Late Winter: January - March:
* Dodgeball - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
* Bowling - Thursdays, Sundays
* Basketball - Sundays
* Volleyball - Saturdays
* Broomball - Wednesdays 
* Registration begins in Late November
* Coach's meeting approximately Late December
* League begins approximately Early January
Spring: March - June:
* Football - Saturdays, Sundays
* Volleyball - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
* Cornhole - Tuesdays, Wednesdays
* Bocce - Wednesdays, Thursdays
* Softball - TBA
* Registration begins in Early February
* Coach's meeting approximately First week of March
* League begins approximately Third Week of March
Summer: July - August:
* Softball - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
* Volleyball - Tuesdays, Wednesdays
* Basketball - Sunday 
* Cornhole - Tuesdays, Wednesdays
* Bocce - Wednesdays, Thursdays
* Registration begins in Early May
* Coach's meeting approximately Third week of June
* League begins approximately Second Week of July
Fall: September - November:
* Softball - Saturdays
* Bowling - Thursdays
* Football - Saturdays, Sundays 
* Registration begins in Late July
* Coach's meeting approximately Last week of August
* League begins approximately Second Week of September

Fall II: October - December:
* Basketball - Saturdays
* Dodgeball - Thursdays
* Volleyball - Tuesdays, Wednesdays
* Cornhole - Tuesdays, Wednesdays
* Registration begins in End of August 
* Coach's meeting approximately End of September
* League begins approximately Early October

* Other AASL Sports Information:
* All seasons are 7 game/week seasons with 1 week of playoffs unless otherwise noted.


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